If you’ve already read my post yesterday on the charge against Biden, I need to let you know that after writing it I came across this excellent article, which may be the best single compilation of all the reasons to doubt Tara Reade’s claim of sexual assault.  I am now downgrading my assessment of the truthfulness of that claim from “possibly” to “probably not.”



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  1. Jeffrey Herrmann May 5, 2020 at 4:19 pm

    The article by Michael J. Stern you cited is devastating to Reade’s credibility.
    If anything further needed to be said, I would point to her March 4 tweet in response to Ryan Grim predicting that a head to head contest between Biden and Sanders would go badly for Biden. Reade tweeted: “Yup. Timing … wait for it … tick tock.”
    On March 25 Reade’s clock struck midnight.
    Case closed.

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