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Bin Laden ALIVE!

We learn from Thomas Friedman that Trump has re-tweeted a QAnon-linked post that reported that Bin Laden’s killing was faked by the Obama administration, which may have actually killed a bunch of SEALs. Another post re-tweeted by the POTUS held ...

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The Debate

So, the question wasn’t asked.  Just as well—I didn’t expect Biden to follow my recommendation. I don’t think the debate changed many votes, which is fine: Trump needed a knockout, and he didn’t get it.  But I did think that ...

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The Question

They asked it of the candidates during one of the 2016 debates.  I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was something like “Do you have anything good to say about your opponent?” Trump answered by talking about Clinton’s doggedness; ...

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The Court-packing Issue

I don’t know how much the voters care, but I thought it unfortunate that Kamala Harris ducked the question Pence insistently posed to her: would Joe Biden seek to pack the Supreme Court?  The correct response was not to dodge ...

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