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Personnel and Policy

“Personnel is policy” is a decent maxim as a guide to indications as to the directions a new administration will take.  A president-elect’s prospective appointees generally have histories and perspectives that are well-known.  Whom he chooses tells us something about ...

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What’s Trump up to?

The most benign explanation of Trump’s refusal to concede is that he is engaged in the predictable hissy fit of a cartoonishly extreme narcissist who simply cannot acknowledge that he is a loser.  Republican leaders are going along: better to ...

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A poll watcher’s story

The election seems to have taken place without major incidents of violence or disruption, but there was a good deal of tension at many polling places.  The following interesting account by a Detroit poll watcher was sent to me by ...

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The Election: Consequences and Causes

As of now, it looks like Joe Biden will be the next president of the US.  That’s the good news.  Biden will be able to undo some of the damage that Trump has wrought over the past four years.  The ...

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