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Biden’s Opportunity

Great op-ed in today’s NY Times by Jamelle Bouie! He writes what I’ve been saying for years—that while there are a lot of things wrong with American politics, our biggest problem is the Republican Party—a radical reactionary combat organization that ...

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The Enemy Within

For decades after World War II, the threat of communism was a major, obsessive meme in American politics.  Mainstream opinion generally saw the threat as mainly external, in the form of an aggressive Soviet Union and Red China, but there ...

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Notes on the Crisis

Impeach! Of course Trump should be impeached, again.  I don’t think it will work.  I don’t think that even now enough Republican senators would vote to remove him from office. So yes, it would be symbolic, but symbolism is important ...

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Day of Infamy

The good news from Georgia today was quickly eclipsed by the horror in Washington. This day will live in history as the infamous capstone to a lawless presidency. An armed mob incited by the President of the United States occupied ...

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Showdown on the 6th

With all due respect to my Republican colleagues in the Senate who are doing this: can you please get a grip? Election officials across the country, including Republican Governors, have certified these results.  This is embarrassing.” –Sen. Amy Klobuchar With ...

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