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A Trip to Israel

A week ago yesterday my wife Celia and I got back from a week’s stay in Israel.  It was a great trip. Israel is a wondrous country: for the antiquities it holds, for its uniqueness as host to some of ...

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J Edgar Hoover RIP (Not)

We’ve known for a long time what a twisted, dangerous character J Edgar was, but this is incredible.  The FBI building by act of Congress bears his name.  A change in that name is long overdue.     Somebody needs ...

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Kristof on Our Broken Politics

It’s a long flight back from Tel Aviv, so I decided to use some of my time to react to Nicholas Kristof’s most recent NY Times column, since it nicely illustrates some of what I was saying in my last ...

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The Radicals’ Big Win

So, the midterm elections were about as completely disastrous as could be. Progressives will try to spin the outcome with various reasonable arguments. The Republicans enjoyed significant cyclical advantages–the older and whiter midterm electorate, the traditional vulnerability of the party ...

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