An illuminating story from Reuters reporter Michelle Conlin, who reported on interviews with 15 retired and 10 active black NYC police officers. Of the 25, all but one reported having had at least one off-duty experience of racial profiling by fellow officers of the NYPD.

The officers said this included being pulled over for no reason, having their heads slammed against their cars, getting guns brandished in their faces, being thrown into prison vans and experiencing stop and frisks while shopping. The majority of the officers said they had been pulled over multiple times while driving. Five had had guns pulled on them.”

One retired officer who had been stopped while jogging in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, asked, naturally enough, “But what’s suspicious about a jogger? In jogging clothes?”

So, is there anybody who would seriously claim that racism is not a problem in the NYPD? Oh, yes, there’s Rudy Giuliani, and Pat Lynch and…..well, obviously, that was a rhetorical question.

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