If you have any doubt that the President-Elect of the United States is a genuine sociopath, you should check out Kevin Drum’s fine exposition and dissection of Donald Trump’s latest Twitter frenzy.  After showing how Trump had evidently spent his evening “hunched over his smartphone rounding up a motley crew of racists, nutbags, and teenagers to assure him that he’s right,”  Drum asks “What kind of person does this? And how easy is it to manipulate someone like this? We have a helluva scary four years ahead of us.”   If you don’t have the stomach to go through the Trumptweets, you will in any case appreciate Drum’s opening paragraph:

I still wake up each morning thinking it can’t really be true that Donald Trump will be president of the United States in less than eight weeks. I mean, he’s…he’s—he’s a willfully ignorant crackpot. He’s a ridiculous game show host. He’s a five-year-old in a 70-year-old body. He’s addicted to gossip and TV. He’s a trust fund kid who thinks he’s a great businessman. He doesn’t have the attention span to read an actual book. He loves conspiracy theories. And he’s got an ego so fragile it ought to be packed in Styrofoam peanuts.”

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  1. Jeffrey Herrmann December 2, 2016 at 5:06 am

    The Donald is so needy for daily adulation that he is off to the Midwest to garner admiration for slowing the loss of Carrier jobs in Indiana to Mexico from 2,100 to only 1,300. That he spins as “bringing back” 800 jobs.
    It is only a short time before even the rubes, simpletons, hicks and morons who thought he was going to help them notice that he is packing the government with billionaires who are helping themselves.
    When Trump supporters find the shelves at Walmart are empty and the cost of Kentucky Fried Chicken is rising, while The Donald dines at Jean George’s and Ivanka and Melania buy their gowns from French couturiers, when they lose their newly acquired health insurance and have nothing in its place, when the economy slumps due to shambolic mismanagement throughout the federal government, their anger will be incendiary.
    This doesn’t end well for the Orange Buffoon, and, sadly, not for us either.

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