Just a quickie today: Since I always love seeing well-established pundits take up themes I have previously written about, I have to direct you to David Leonhardt’s excellent op-ed. in today’s NY Times. After you’ve read Leonhardt, you might want to take another look at my earlier post on a closely related topic.  Also worth reading is the piece by John Harris that prompted Leonhardt’s column.



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  1. Donald Campbell December 24, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    It’s clear that there is ‘central bias,’ but it is a bias with-in the American political establishment which is very limited in what it considers appropriate policy options. Just the blurb from the NY Times…”All the news fit to print,” tells the story. I think it is usually the news that is not fit to print that is the most accurate.

    This interpreting events and then tailoring the interpretations to two lines…conservative and liberal is problematic in itself. To then take a centrist position by going between the two very likely inaccurate views borders on the absurd.

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