I think I’m on safe ground in saying the Nevada melee had to be the most combative of the Democrats’ debates thus far this primary campaign, but my attention span gave out about half way through, so I can’t offer a thorough-going assessment.  Anyway, I’m on vacation and don’t feel like writing much, but one of my readers, John Duggan, sent me a morning after e-mail giving his own take and asking for my reaction.  I think I’m mostly in tune with John on this, so, I decided to anoint him my first ever guest blogger and pass on his observations to you.  Here’s what he wrote:


My impressions (admittedly subjective):

I thought Bloomberg and Buttigieg did the worst.
Warren and Sanders were strong.

Biden sounded strong (for once) but looked even
weaker and older than in the past. His face was
sagging like his plastic surgery was coming loose.

Klobuchar was quite tough, specially when attacked.
Caution: don’t attack her if you’re not ready for a street fight.
But her make-up was weird. She look embalmed.

Warren and the rest had some make-up and looked ok.

Bloomberg is a bright guy and tough.
I was surprised he did so poorly.
Is he getting old or not used to people challenging him?
Or just out of practice debating?

Warren has been dropping badly in the polls as
Sanders and Bloomberg surged. 538’s projections
had her coming in 4th or 5th in the remaining states.

So last night Warren came for a street fight and
was really on the attack. Did it work? Time will tell.

It’s always tricky for a woman candidate to get
“too” aggressive. Sexist, but true.

We’ll know more after Saturday’s Nevada caucus
and another week of polls.

Buttigieg usually comes across as Very Smooth,
polished and articulate.
I did not get the sense he had that veneer last night.

Buttigieg’s comment that the best place to live is in
Denmark sort of undercuts his critique of Sanders!

I was impressed with Sanders. He’s still going strong.
Think Energizer bunny commercials.
Everyone has to know where he stands and that
he’s going to keep fighting – right to the grave –
win, lose or draw.

Well, it was NOT boring!
Better than many Super Bowls.


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  1. Donald Campbell February 22, 2020 at 9:25 am

    I agree that Klobuchar’s makeup was poor, but I also sensed a great deal of authenticity her demeanor. Buttigieg, on the other had seemed to have alot of contrived responses and Klobuchar really nailed him perfectly with her “memorized talking points criticism. Warren had a strong showing and Biden was fairly focused.

    All of this being said, Sanders was consistently strong and centered, though a little overbearing a times. The Democratic party will have a reckoning soon. How are they going to deal with a strong Sander’s showing? If they make the wrong decisions they will probably lose the election.

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