Feeling lazy today, I am hosting  a guest post.  Following are observations on the final night of the Dem convention from one of my most loyal readers, and, it happens, my most frequent commenter, Jeff Herrmann.  Warning: I am not endorsing what Jeff has written, and I will be curious to see other readers’ reactions to the Democrats’ closing.


They start the convention with a lengthy story about Joe Biden being given the task of leading the War on Cancer by Obama. They spend many minutes on this.  What’s the point?  To give tRump a chance to point out Biden didn’t defeat cancer?
Cut to Tom Perez saying … [snooze]
Cut to Gavin Newsome from a fire site  in California
Cut to desultory snippets of Biden over the years.
Cut to unrecognized citizens and a few politicos giving sound bites on the state of the country and various particular issues (Carillon of chimes in crescendo in background)
Andrew Yang makes an appearance, assuring us Joe and Kamala are real people (assuaging my fear they were  avatars or robots)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus appears (without Seinfeld, sadly) She is one of Joe’s 17,589,539 BFFs, ever since she played a Veep on TV.
Three women with Southern accents sing The Star Spangled Banner badly.  Could they be the (former Dixie) Chicks?  Yes, it is revealed.
Oh, God!  It’s only 9:13.
Chris Coons vouches for Joe’s (Catholic) faith and knowledge of the power of prayer.  A nation of Evangelicals cries out “We are doomed!”
Julia Louis-Dreyfus points out Joe doesn’t need federal troops and tear gas to find his way to church.
Mayor of Atlanta reminds us John Lewis was a man of God.  Urges us to vote despite “those” who are trying to discourage us.  Who might that be?
Film from the 1960s showing Southern white cops beating Black civil rights protestors.
Inspiring scenes from the life of John Lewis.
Men sing, mixing rap and Gospel styles,  about Old Glory.
Historian John Meacham appears.  (What did he write?) Asks will we continue to be prisoners of the darkest forces?  I dunno. We should lend a hand, not point a finger.  I resist raising a finger to the TV.
It’s only 9:38 ??   Has the clock stoped?
Actress Sarah Cooper lip synchs Hair Twittler ranting insanely about alleged postal ballot fraud. Brilliant.
Many minutes of unknown persons telling us about Hair Twittler sabotaging voting by mail.  Powerful.
Many more people talk.  What was it they said?  Oh, look!  It’s 10:04. Can’t be long now.
Tammy Duckworth describes her war wounds. Only a scoundrel could attack her.  Congress should pass a law making it a federal crime for Cadet Bonespurs to say, tweet or think one negative thing about her.
Mayor Pete talks about Beau Biden, military service and being Who he is, i.e.,  gay (without saying that word).  It is still the love that can not say it’s name, apparently.  Does call himself an “out“ candidate, however. Is this 2020?
Nice virtual conversation with Corey Booker, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O‘Rourke and Mayor Pete can’t spell his name.  All spoke well of Joe.
Michael Bloomberg gives a good description of tRump’s incompetence.  Very articulate.  Hope he is putting his ample money where his mouth is.
Very touching cameo of a 13 yr old boy who stutters, as does Joe, and got personal help from Joe.
10:36.  Biden’s kids are on now.  Surely Joe will be here soon.  He has to finish by 11:00, right?  The surviving kids invoke Beau Biden again.
Joe appears, squinting to read the teleprompter.  The speech is throughly unmemorable.  He tries to project peril and optimism at the same time. Doesn’t say the name tRump. Specifically thanks President Obama and says no one will ever thank the unnamed current president.  In day one he will go to work defeating Covid.  The current president’s failure is unforgivable.  Joe knows what loss feels like. The best way through pain is to find purpose. Our sacred founding documents provide that purpose. He will build back a better America (shifting from gloom to optimism).  Blah, blah, blah with no obvious theme.  Encomium to his wife and family. No tolerance for Russian bounties on our soldiers nor Russian interference in our elections. Called out Neo-Nazis of Charlottesville and said that’s what made him decide to run.  More blah, blah blah with no thread. Invokes love, hope and light and of course God’s blessings.
He rarely flashed his million dollar smile. Large opportunity squandered. Too alarmist, not very reassuring.
Still, better than BLOTUS is likely to be.

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